Welcome to my store where you can find handmade limited edition prints. Do browse and I am confident that you will find unexpected delightful surprises around the corner.

My handmade, limited edition prints are inspired by my life around me, and by seeing the beauty in the mundane. You will also see a layered colour palette, often bright but muted, and subtle. I aim to create prints that can inspire a smile, a memory, and a piece of art that you can form your own personal associations with.  I work with linocut printing method, primarily reduction linocut where the block is carved away with every layer. This means that all the prints in a series are handmade and limited edition. Also, this appeals to me because of its spontaneity and immediacy, and that there is a point of 'no return'. I like living on the edge, I suppose! I also love the graphical simplicity of linocut, and how simple marks and lines can convey textures and emotions. 

I work from my studio at home, and ink each print myself by hand, and then hand burnish each print in an edition. This means that I work with very small editions, and each print is unique and original. When you purchase one of my artwork, you buy a labour of love. 

I am happy to provide more information on the making of a print if you would like this, and also send you some photos of the process and the lino block that it was created from to accompany your print. 

I take great pride in wrapping my prints in acid-free tissue papers, and bring my individual touch with handwritten cards and notes. This makes opening the package an exciting and luxurious experience. 

I hope my prints bring you as much joy as they have to me. And, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!